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Cinemagic Westbrook Buy Tickets

At the Cinemagic Movie Theater in Westbrook, several people News 8 spoke to had tickets for "The Dark Knight Rises" matinee showing. They said their attitude toward the highly-anticipated Batman sequel has changed a little.

cinemagic westbrook buy tickets

Please note: Please note: Pop-up Cinema PE don't cancel or refund events, we postpone, should the weather act up. We also notify all ticket holders 8 hours in advance. Ticket Holders may redeem their tickets at the next event or contact us directly on 061 387 1135 to discuss options.

The theatre is clean and well managed, with comfortable seats; it displays the latest Hollywood movies and the popcorn is mouthwatering. In order to avoid waiting in line, you can buy your tickets online. 041b061a72

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