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Toyota Techstream 9.10.037: The Ultimate Diagnostic Software for Toyota, Scion, and Lexus Vehicles

then, you will have to initialize this device on your bluetooth software using the mini-vci tis button. the initial button state is unknown. the mini-vci will not turn on unless you press the tis button at least twice. when you press the tis button twice, the mini-vci will restart in tis mode with usb connection, thus, you can not use bluetooth communication.

Toyota Techstream 9.10.037 download

smart system diagnostics tool that comes with most toyota tis techstream diagnostic cable. two versions of the tool: techstream9/windows and techstream9/linux. tool in win format is standalone.exe, so you need a windows machine to use it. tool in linux format is a.deb package, so you need a linux machine to use it. to run the tool, choose from the list, then follow the instructions on the screen. very easy to use:

  • note: the clock will be displayed as "no time," if its time hasn't been set or after a clock reset is set. click on the "system clock" icon. if the symbol changes to "advanced settings", you have to use the right arrow button to change it to the other symbol.

  • then go to the "clock" tab. choose the "set time" button and set the time as you like.

  • if the clock doesn't update, there must be a missing driver.go to the device manager, then click "x" on each missing device, right-click, "install driver" and point to 'c: program files (x86) xhorse electronics mvci driver for toyota tis'

a change in the last patch increased the number of time the clock doesn't set.if you have a device that only sets the clock at startup, you'll still have the clock not set problem. you can fix it by the following:




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