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Goblin Episode 16

The following Goblin Episode 16 Eng Sub has been released. Goblin Ep 16 Eng Sub Dramacool And Kissasian will always be the first to have the episode so please Bookmark and visit daily for the latest updates!!! Enjoy a free download.

Goblin Episode 16


Guardian's final episode recorded an 18.68% nationwide audience share, making it the fifth highest rated drama in Korean cable television history behind The World of the Married, Sky Castle, Crash Landing on You and Reply 1988.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) is a decorated military general during the Goryeo Dynasty who is betrayed by the jealous king he served. When Kim Shin is faced with death instead of honor after fighting a mighty battle, God turns Kim Shin into a goblin instead, tasked with protecting certain people from the life of misery. But immortality is wearing on Kim Shin, and he longs to find the prophesied human bride who can set his soul free.

Kim Shin becomes accidental roommates with Wang Yeo (Lee Dong Wook), the grim reaper who ushers people's souls into the afterlife. Kim Shin's nephew, Yoo Deok Hwa (Yook Sung Jae), is a rebellious chaebol heir whose family has been caretakers of the goblin for many generations. Ji Eun Tak (Kim Go Eun) is a high school senior whose mother was saved from an accident by Kim Shin 19 years ago, and ever since then, she has been able to communicate with the dead. Sunny (Yoo In Na), the owner of a chicken restaurant and Eun Tak's boss, crosses path with Wang Yeo and becomes smitten with him.

The drama was a hit and consistently topped cable television viewership ratings in its timeslot. Its final episode recorded an 18.680% nationwide audience share according to Nielsen paid platform, making the episode the second-highest rated in Korean cable television history. It became the first cable drama to surpass 20% ratings. It was also popular among the international audience, which led to parodies of the drama on various social media sites, notably by both celebrities and political figures.

Its success was attributed to the creative plot. The Korea Times stated, "[...] the depth of perspective looking at life of the goblin that bears a bloody sword in his chest and has been given eternal life as punishment, immerses the audience into the fantasy story. The twist and complexity of life and death make the story more interesting."

Its final episode recorded an 18.68% nationwide audience share, making it the sixth highest-rated drama in Korean cable television history.[7] It received critical acclaim and became a cultural phenomenon in South Korea.[8] The series won numerous awards, including the Grand Prize (Daesang) for writer Kim Eun-sook and Best Actor for Gong Yoo at the 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards.

Kim Shin (Gong Yoo), a decorated military general from the Goryeo Dynasty, is framed as a traitor and killed by the young king. Years after his death, he is cursed by the Almighty to stay immortal forever, enduring the pain of seeing his loved ones die as punishment for the soldiers he killed to protect his country. He becomes an immortal goblin, helping people with his powers and being a kind man in spite of his grieving past. The only way to put an end to his immortality is the Goblin's bride, whose aid in pulling out the sword will end his painful immortality.

The drama consistently topped cable television viewership ratings in its time slot. Its final episode recorded an 18.680% nationwide audience share according to Nielsen paid platform, making the episode the second highest rated in Korean cable television history.[7] It became the first cable drama to surpass 20% ratings.[65]

The remaining episodes of tvN's "Goblin" have a lot of surprises and revelations in store for its viewers. Just recently, a new picture from the set has been leaked online, teasing the potential end of the fantasy series.

In the previous episode, Kim Shin (Gong Yoo) disintegrated into thin air after Park Joon Heon (Kim Byung Chul) possessed Ji Eun Tak's (Kim Go Eun) body and pulled out the sword from his chest. The Grim Reaper (Lee Dong Wook) then showed up forced the eunuch out of the latter's body.

This comes after it was reported that the three-hour finale of the tvN drama will feature tons of computer-generated imagery (CGI) and special effects. This is the reason why the 14th episode, which was originally scheduled to air on Jan. 13, was pushed back to Jan. 20.

"The last 3 episodes are going to be full of bright colors, as they will be focusing on a lot of the magical and fantastical aspects of the storyline," one staff member told Korean newsoutlet Sports DongA, as cited by Korea Boo. "Thus, we are planning on using a lot of computer graphics, which requires a little more time."

At Ragranda Forest, the camp begins encountering an unusual amount of goblins inland, and Nyanta oversees a massive goblin army approaching from the north. Word quickly reaches the palace, while Nyanta reports back with to camp with an assessment of the army. The trainers don't have telepathic links with the Crescent Moon to check on the other training group, but Touya's party does, as they return from fighting goblin scout patrols. Naotsugu is surprised to learn about the Sahuagin attack, whom usually reside further south. The trainers decide to regroup with Marielle and hold the Call to Home spell as a last resort.

After pooling their knowledge, Naotsugu informs Shiroe who organizes an emergency relay conference with the Round Table Alliance. Shiroe reports that an estimate 10000 goblins and several hundred Sahuagin have appeared, and postulates that the recent attacks are part of the quest Return of the Goblin King. The Adventurers then realize that they neglected quests from the People of the Earth to defeat the goblins during their development of Akiba, which in turn allowed the Goblin King to unite a great army. This is no match for the adventurers, but Eastal will suffer greatly from conflict with this enemy.

Meanwhile, Raynesia's father announces to her that he must leave to defend the town of Maihama from the goblin invasion, ordering her to stay in the palace to help Sergiad determine a course of action.

The forest trainers have reunited with Marielle, but soon notice a goblin raiding force marching towards the nearby town of Choushi. With barely any defenses, Touya and Rudy request that their party defend the town, but everyone else is hesitant for the adventurers to intervene.

Elsewhere, Minori persuades the trainers to let her party deploy as scouts, only to take off to defend the town. They come across an Earthling house that is being raided by goblins, with Touya attacking the goblins after realizing they knew the residents. Touya and Minori reckon that they shouldn't wait for Earthlings to ask them for help, and that the will to help is good enough reason to save the town. Nyanta and Naotsugu agree to this as they appear with Shouryuu, concurring that adventurers are free to do what they think is best. Minori decides that since they are not strong enough to defend the town, they will attack the goblins directly instead.

Ketika Kim Shin mencabut pedangnya, artinya keabadiannya lenyap. Ji Eun Tak harus melihat pengantinnya hangus menjadi abu. Bagaimana nasib Ji Eun Tak setelah ditinggal Goblin akan terkuak di episode 14.

Episode 14 akan mengudara minggu depan pada 20 Januari, dan episode 15 dan 16 akan mengudara dua episode langsung pada tanggal 21 Januari. Sebagai penggnti episode 14, akan ditayangkan episode khusus untuk menjelaskan hubungan yang rumit dari karakter di drama ini.

Episode ini dipandu oleh sekretaris Kim. Untuk kamu yang belum tahu, dia adalah sekretaris yang melayani keluarga Deok Hwa. Di tengah-tengah episode dia mengatakan hal yang sangat ironis. Dia mengaku bahwa semaki malang nasib Ji Eun Tak, maka semakin tinggi rating yang didapatkan oleh drama Goblin. 041b061a72




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